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Our Courses

We have organized our School's Courses into five different paths. Each path has different goals, focus, and outcomes to meet the needs of many different types of learners. We know you will find one that is just right for you!

EG Course Tree Medallions - Kindergarten
EG Course Tree Medallions - Apple (Engli
EG Course Tree Medallions - Magnolia (En
EG Course Tree Medallions - JHS (English
EG Course Tree Medallions - Adult (Engli
Upcoming events
  • Nov 05, 2023, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Moriya, Japan, 〒302-0128 Ibaraki, Moriya, Keyakidai, 3-chōme-20-2
    Every year, we hold a Halloween adventure full of mysteries, monsters, games and more. Students, parents, and teachers are all encouraged to dress up and participate. The whole family can enjoy it, so feel free to come and enjoy your Halloween-themed day.
  • Oct 17, 2023, 3:10 PM – 4:00 PM
    English Garden School, Japan, 〒302-0128 Ibaraki, Moriya, Keyakidai, 3-chōme-20-2
    Experience what a phonics class looks like.

2021 calendar

Check out our Members Program!

Becoming a Garden Club Member is like joining our family. Not only are there discounts included but also free admission to all school events.

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Chatterbox is an open discussion event with the teachers of English Garden. It's a great opportunity for adult students to practice the English they are learning in their courses. Chatterbox events are scheduled throughout the year, and are free for Garden Club members. Please RSVP for chatterbox using the events calendar.


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Study Room

The study room has coffee and tea, a whiteboard, study resources, and a quiet atmosphere. Anyone is welcome to use our space for ¥ 500 daily. Feel free to come and go all day. Garden Club members can use the space freely during our open hours.

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The classes are small group lessons. You can read the QR code and review and check the teacher's pronunciation at home. Thanks to this, my child improved his pronunciation in a short period of time.

I wanted my child to be able to read English with the correct pronunciation, and when my child took the Phonics course, it was a great success. Even if I can teach English grammar, I can't teach English pronunciation myself, so I was grateful to have a native teacher teach my child in a small group. I think the price was reasonable compared to other English conversation schools.

The teachers at this school are very friendly and even I, who has a low level of English, could easily attend. In addition to textbooks, the lessons are devised by playing card games, watching videos, and so on. They also creates an atmosphere where you can easily ask questions. I think that to improve English you need to learn how to study by yourself, but I also think English Garden is a good environment that motivates you to study.

I started to learn English for my child when I was assigned overseas. It was very helpful to have the learning content adjusted according to the situation. After returning to work, I go to study to maintain my English level.

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