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Junior High School

Junior high school brings with it new challenges and new expectations. Many students who enjoyed the playful atmosphere of their elementary school English classes find it difficult to adjust lessons focused on grammar and writing. Our junior high school courses combine characteristics of cram school courses and conversation to teach students to succeed in school while continuing to nurture a love of English language learning.


12 to 15 years old


2-4 people


44 lessons / year
(1 lesson / week)


15-30 minutes


50 minutes


Members 8,800 yen

Non-members 9,900 yen / month


School textbook

Prep Work


"The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something."      -Barrack Obama

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1. Confidence

We devote half of each lesson to pre-teaching the school textbook for the week's upcoming lessons. This includes grammar, pronunciation, and spelling elements. Studying the material is a small classroom environment means that school English class becomes a review of the material. Students can confidently participate in their classes and spend more time learning and less time worrying.

2. Test Prep

We focus on a mixture of guided review and test-taking strategies to improve school test scores. We also offer EIKEN and high school entrance exam practice.

3. Communication

Because our classes are small, our students are able to spend significant time improving their English communication skills with our native instructors as well as their classmates. Devoting class time to communication and conversational skills not only increases student motivation, but is also improves the outcomes for tests with verbal or interview elements such as the EIKEN 3 and beyond.

4. Vocabulary

Japan has steadily been increasing the vocabulary expectations for compulsory English education. Our students will learn effective ways of memorizing English vocabulary as part of their class preparation work.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Each Junior High School uses different textbooks, workbooks, and homework to teach students. To match our Junior High School courses with the potential expectations of a student's school, we focus on for main goals: confidence, test prep, communication, and vocabulary.


Online Mini Juku

Students are invited to participate in weekly online grammar lessons in addition to their normal lesson. An interesting topic is chosen weekly, and students will have the chance to learn and practice together online using Zoom in a free 30 minute lesson. Please RSVP today!

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Study Room

The study room has coffee and tea, a whiteboard, study resources, and a quiet atmosphere. Garden Club members can use the space freely during our open hours, but anyone is welcome to use our space for ¥500 daily. Feel free to come and go all day.


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