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At English Garden we recognize that learning is about the outcomes and the path you take to achieve those outcomes. To help our students reach their desired potentials we bring students with the same goals together. Below you can see the names of each course as well as some of the main themes or outcomes of those paths.

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Toddler course


Fun atmosphere

With English songs


International environment

This is a course that makes children think "English is fun!" And "I want to do more!". Improve your English through games, songs and activities based on our original curriculum. Dads and moms who say "I'm worried about" the new elementary school English classes ... "can rest easy ♪


Apple Kids

Lessons are based on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Classes will include a variety of activities, such as using games and writing letters to friends overseas. You can improve your English skills from a different perspective than school and acquire more everyday English. students learn to enjoy English!

Badge program




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Magnolia Kids

The Magnolia course is a small class introduced in 2019. Students will learn four language skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) in a well-balanced manner with a focus on achieving fluency quickly. Our Magnolia Course students had great success in a variety of areas including creative writing, English competitions, and EIKEN exams.

Note: To attend the Magnolia course, you must have passed the Phonics course set out here or have the appropriate English proficiency.


Eiken preparation

Fluent reading




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Junior high school course

When going to junior high school, many students enroll in English cram schools that teach English lessons at school.​ Our junior high school course is ❝ Juku + English conversation ❞​ This is a course where you can learn English conversation at the same time as preparing and reviewing school as if you were attending an English cram school. By conducting preparations and reviews through this course, you will be able to understand the contents of the school more smoothly and your students will be confident.​ , Can be motivated.


Test preparation



Adult course

All adult courses, from beginner to advanced, utilize original curriculum. Beginner / Intermediate level students will practice common grammar patterns and useful phrases using Jason's textbook "Ryokou Eikaiwa" (Natsumesha 2018 Edition). Business English courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs Of each class. Advanced discussion courses allow students to learn a lot of new language through discussions between students and between students and teachers. Don't forget your notes.

English conversation

Business English conversation


Become a brain training

Of the career


Travel English

Gain confidence

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