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Let us come to you!

Bringing English to your business, school, or community is a great way to boost peoples' interest and happiness. Weather it is in the form of group lessons, a sing along, or simply some English exposure English Garden would be more than happy to participate. For information on different types of dispatch work we already do please check below. If you are interested in talking to us about something for your business, school, or community please contact us here!

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Kindergarten & Nursery School

Currently we travel to different Kindergartens and Nursery schools in Moriya and Ryugasaki. Exposing young children to English on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is a great way to give them a fun learning activity.

The Curriculum

The goals of our Kindergarten lesson are basic understanding of some key vocabulary that they might want to use in their daily lives. Things like numbers, feelings, the weather, etc. For more information on our Kindergarten curriculum and goals please visit our Kindergarten Course page.

Price: 6,600 yen /hour (Plus transportation fees)

Schedule: 1-4 visits per month is recommended.

Terms: 1 year contract term. Includes audio CDs of

lesson songs and lesson plans in advance.

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Business Group or Private Lessons

If you are interested in providing your employees with some customized group or private lessons we would be happy to create a course to fit the goals of your business.

The Curriculum

Whether you are looking to prepare your employees to handle English phone calls, translate information, or assist them in passing the TOEIC we can design courses around your daily/weekly schedule with in person or online lessons. To discuss details about setting up lessons for your business please contact us below.

Price: Starting at 6,600 yen /hour (Plus transportation fees)

Schedule: As desired

Terms: 6 month contract term minimum

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Community Events

There are lots of public events or venues that would like to be able to provide some sort of casual English activity. At English Garden we would be happy to create a one time or regularly scheduled event for your community.

The Curriculum

Offering easy English conversation classes for a community, reading English books for young learners, or singing English music and talking about what the lyrics mean are all great ways to enrich a community. We are open to talking about what you would like to bring to your community and finding ways to incorporate English into it. 

Price: Starting at 6,600 yen /hour (Plus transportation fees)

Schedule: As desired

Terms: Per agreement

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