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Apple Kids

English classes start when a student enters elementary school and many students find them intimidating. Instead of having the main focus of a lesson be English, what if instead the main focus was having fun? By allowing the students to enjoy themselves in an English environment they can become more confident as a person as well as in their school's English classes. We want to help students realize that learning English isn't just about worksheets, homework and memorization. We want to show them that they can still have fun while also learning about English. To help students in the Apple courses get loose and enjoy themselves, we have structured the courses around four primary goals: Confidence, Teamwork, Pronunciation, and The Badge Program. 

"We didn't realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun."   -Winnie the Pooh

Age Range

6-11 years old

Class Size

8-10 students



44 lessons / year

(1 lesson / week)


10-15 minuets


50 minutes


Members 8,800

Regular 9,900 / month


Arts & Crafts


Prep Work


1. Confidence


The more confident a child is the easier it is for them to learn, grow, and develop their own personality. Speaking more than one language gives a child a wider perspective of the world and can increase their confidence. In the Apple Courses we stick to words, phrases, and concepts that have to with students everyday life as a way to increase their confidence.


2. Teamwork


Learning to interact with others is crucial to success in school and in life. In Apple Course we do many activities that have the students working together towards common goals while also having fun and recognizing their efforts as a team.


3. Pronunciation


Learning about English and speaking English can be two very different things. Once we have built the confidence of Apple students we help them focus on how to listen and speak clearly by doing lots of conversation games and vocabulary practice.


4. Badge Program


The Badge Program in Apple course consists of role play activities , art projects, and achievement challenges. As a student moves through the year they have an opportunity to earn 8 different badges. Each badge shows a different language skill that they have mastered . Once a student earns their badge they get to make it themselves with our badge maker that came all the way from The UK!


Here is an outline of some of the different Badges.

Build confidence with fun.

Year 1 Badges



How to write your name.


Counting 1-10



Counting 1-20

rainbow wizard.png


Colors in the rainbow.

verbs lv1.png

Verbs 1

Set of 12 verbs.

First Test-2.png

First Speech

A speech about family.

weather badge.png


Talking about the weather



How to tell the time.


Months & Days of the week.

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