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It is never to early to start learning English. In fact, studies show that it is easier to learn a second language the younger you start. Because young children live in a world where everything is something new to learn, acquiring another language like English is not as intimidating as it might be to an older student. Our course focuses on helping young children to become comfortable hearing and thinking in English. Instead of having to translate every English word they hear into Japanese, we try to help them associate words they hear in English with the direct concept. This can require a different process for each student.

"The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out."       

-Bill Gates

Age Range

3-5 years old

Class Size

8-10 students


44 lessons/year

(1 lesson/week)




50 minuets


Member 7,700 yen

Non-member 8,800 yen


Arts & Crafts

Prep Work


So, to meet the needs of different students we keep our lessons simple, fun, and focused on specific goals throughout the year. The four main goals of our Kindergarten Courses are: International Exposure, Fun Atmosphere, Songs & Games, and Alphabet.

1. International Exposure

Learning from foreign teachers helps children start to form a bigger picture of the world and the opportunities that are available to them. In our classes students get a chance to play games and have fun with our foreign teachers. Student's fear of foreigners is quickly replaced with interest.

2. Fun Atmosphere

Keeping the lessons light with no pressure to perform helps every student relax and enjoy the lesson. We also welcome parents to join the lessons at any time to help the children feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. Students can express themselves with arts and crafts projects while having fun.

3. Songs & Games

Our teachers engage students with live music as well as multimedia using our classroom TVs to keep the lessons fun and interesting. Our teachers use songs with common topics like: feelings, weather, days of the week, colors, and more. Students enjoy singing and dancing together and will learn catchy songs that they may remember for the rest of their lives! 

4. Alphabet

Learning all 26 letters of the English Alphabet will give young students a head start on Elementary school. We don't enforce tedious writing practice but instead focus on recognition of both the upper and lower cases and and getting familiar with the alphabet through games and songs.

Get a head start.


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