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English Gardenのハロウィンイベントでした!

Last week the weather got a little colder making it perfect for children to enjoy an outdoor Halloween event. For this party the students all decided on their own costumes to wear as they participated in the Halloween Hunt! Without the cooperation of parents, such as preparing children's clothes and picking up on the day, such a wonderful event would not have been possible.

Thank you very much for everyone's cooperation during this Halloween Event.

Our next event is Christmas, one of the school's two biggest events!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone's lovely smiles again! Of course, we are also looking forward to seeing everyone's faces in regular lessons as well!

We loved seeing the students smile and play at the event which had a different feeling compared to normal lessons. It's getting cold suddenly, so be careful about your physical condition in 2021 and over 2 months left! !! Let's do our best together!

*Just in case, we prepared sweets for students who could not attend the event. If you missed the event simply say "Trick or treat!" during the lesson and your teacher will give you some Halloween candy.

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