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In just 3 months
You will be able to read more than 250 words


Intensive camp

Of the popular English Garden

Phonics course

Finally with a limited number of people

Appear online!

1. What is phonics?

Phonics is the sound rule of each alphabet.
If you learn the sound, if you learn the sound,
You will be able to combine each sound and pronounce it as a word.
(For example, d, o, g are connected and dog)

2. What is the effect of phonics?

Studies show that phonics

To improve your English reading ability

The most efficient way of teaching,

Children who do not learn phonics

If you have a hard time reading

It is said.

English spelling is complicated, so

By learning phonics

I became able to read the words I saw for the first time,

Have fun and confidence in English

You will be able to work on it.

When do you start playing phonics?

Children who have developed a certain level of English proficiency and ears to listen to English
The beginning is when you become interested in writing and reading and writing.
Being able to read and write words and read simple picture books by yourself
It will lead to a positive attitude and confidence in your child's learning of English after that!

Let's take a look at the before / after of the children who took this course!

phonics kids.jpg

Small class

Because it is a small class of up to 4 people, it is a detailed lesson that is close to each child.
And since it is the same member every time, you can participate in the lessons in a friendly and enjoyable way.
Also, one of the attractions is that you can communicate closely with the instructor in English!

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Original print &

With review video!

All the things and homework used in the lessons use the original prints!
Therefore, there is no need to purchase textbooks.
In addition, it comes with a review video of all lessons, so
You can study repeatedly even at home time!

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Not just reading and writing!

All lessons are conducted in English.
Talk to your teacher and friends about everyday events in English
Have fun activities,
There is plenty of time to "listen and speak" a lot of English!
4 Skills You can improve your English skills in a well-balanced manner.


Online exclusive benefits

Raz-Kids, which usually costs about 12,700 yen a year,

"All you want to use" during the camp!

Raz-Kids is an online library from the United States where you can read hundreds of foreign books.
During the camp, you can read from the list of books at the level that suits your child.
With a fun system that you can get stars the more you read!
Please make full use of this active library!

Image by Jason Leung

Flow to participate in the lesson

Apply from the form

You can send immediately from this page

Log in to the online classroom

Easy participation with your Google account!

Print lesson materials

Prepared for each lesson date

Read the QR code
​ Review with video

Learn well with review materials


Mr. Leland

I came to Japan from the United States in 2015 and was an ALT for an elementary school in Ibaraki prefecture. I love the outdoors, especially cycling and hiking! His special skill is playing the guitar, and he often plays and sings in lessons. Recently, I'm trying hard to study Japanese while relaxing at the cafe!

Phase 1 schedule

July 5-September 27 Every Monday Infant Class 16: 30-17: 15 (45 minutes)
Elementary school class 17: 30-18: 30 (60 minutes)
* August 9th is closed during the Obon period. * Minimum number of participants is 3 or more in each class.


Where the regular price is 50,000 yen

Currently available at an online opening commemorative price!

↓ ↓ ↓

Infant class 34,800 yen / 12 times

Elementary school class 39,800 yen / 12 times

* Both include tax

Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me what you need

Writing utensils such as pencils and notebooks and printed lesson prints * If you do not have a printer, please use convenience store prints.

Can I participate as a brother?

Yes. It is possible.
Please note that the price is the total for the number of people.

I remember the names and sounds of each alphabet, but I'm worried if they can make the sounds correctly. As for reading and writing, I can write letters, but I can't read or write words yet. Is the level appropriate?

Yes! This is the perfect course for such children. The purpose of the lesson is to learn the sounds of alphabet letters one by one accurately, and to acquire the basic skills of reading and writing words through practice of connecting the sounds.
By just taking this course, you will be able to read the words you see for the first time, or write the words just by listening to the sounds. That number is over 250 words!

Please tell me the payment method

It will be a one-time payment by wire transfer or credit card.

What if I take a break from the lesson?

There are no make-up lessons, so please print out the lesson materials for the day and work on it at home. Please be sure to watch the review video.
Please contact us on LINE at least 10 minutes before the lesson start time.

I'm worried if my child can concentrate online.

Lessons aren't just about reading and writing. There are many elements that children can concentrate on, such as talking in English with teachers and friends and having fun activities!
Of course, parents and children can participate until they get used to it, so please feel free to join us.

Is there a teaching material fee?

There is no teaching material fee.

Is it all online?

Yes, use the video calling app (Zoom).
* At the time of application, it is considered that you have agreed to the terms of use of Zoom.

Do you have trial lessons?

We are sorry, but there is no trial lesson.

If you have any questions, please contact us from LINE here.

phonics course cover.jpg

Application form


The transmission is complete.

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